Endre Skjørestad

Endre Skjørestad

Phone:+47 911 16 128


Endre Skjørestad works mainly with appraisement and expropriation law, together with other legal matters tied to real estate. Furthermore, he assists businesses, particularly within agriculture, with legal counsel, and engages in allodial rights law as well as contracts concerning the development of small scale power plants and on watercourse law.

Cand.jur. 1978, University of Bergen

1997 – 2000       State Secretary to the Ministry of Finance
1985 –                 Partner at Haver
1983 – 1985       Attorney at law at Wyller, Pedersen and Haver
1982 – 1983       Deputy Judge/constituted Chief District Judge to the District Court of Ryfylke
1979 – 1981       Associate at Johan Haga, Sandnes

Chariman of the board, Sandnes Eiendomsselskap KF, 2016 – . Chairman of the board, Jærmuseet, 2017 – . Chairman of the Board, Finanstilsynet, the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, 2010 – 2018. Chairman of the Board, Statens Finansfond, the Norwegian State Finance Fund, 2009-2010. Board member, Gassnova SF (State enterprise) 2007-. Chairman of the Board, NOFIMA AS (Ltd) 2006-2010. Chairman, Karanteneutvalget, the Quarantine Panel (State panel), 2005 – . Styreleder i Flytoget 2003–2013. Chairman of the Board, Sandnes House Building Cooperative 2002-2010. Chairman of the Board, Bankenes Sikringsfond – the Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund 2001-2003. Vice-Chairman of the Board, Norges Kommunalbank – Norwegian Government Funding Agency, 1992-1997. Deputy-Mayor for the City Municipality of Sandnes 1994-1995. Elected Alderman to the Council and Executive Committee of the City Municipality of Sandnes.